I Love CBD!

I’m in love with cannabinoids…CBDs….which regulate our endocrine system though CBD receptors, which regulates and harmonizes ALL our other body systems….and which soothes and calms like a kiss from a goddess…CBDs are miraculous to me!

It was the THC that brought me to cannabis many decades ago….for the sporadic escape and relief it provides…but its the CBDs that left their taste in my consciousness, and turned me into an advocate, and a serious, dedicated medicator and “unlegalization” advocate…and led me to my mantra….FREE THE PLANT!

CBDs are, at least for me…miraculous, and a swear….rejuvenating….all the little “deteriorations” of an old lady’s body….are disappearing….just falling away, one by one….and quickly forgotten….my skin, my hair, my eyes, my hearing, my creeks and crinkles and groans….my pain, my raging hormones, my lack of energy, my feeling like a walking death, my muddy thinking, my uninspired creativity….all of it….are being restored to their earlier function. I swear…I’ve lost 20 years of aging in the last two years as a medical marijuana patient …because of the cannabinoids….and I’m just getting started!

I get my CBDs from organic, outdoor homegrown sativas….and I medicate by eating and topical oils, rather than smoking or vaping. One little dropper of cannabis tincture (glycerine) under the tongue in the morning and another one at night….and three square medicated meals, and I’m like a fairy sparkle all day long, and a sleeping giant at night….without being stoned. And, when I’m particularly healthy or fiesty, i can just vape or smoke some of the precious bud for a nice phat kick in the consciousness. I use every molecule of the plant, not a single bit goes to waste. Today its sweet potato pie, the crust made with cannaFLOUR I ground myself and cannabutter I made from shake, stems, and every single leaf….what lovely color…green and orange!

When i first starting using cannabis for the cannabinoids just under two years ago, my body was THIRSTY…and I couldn’t get enough…I put cannabutter and cannaolive oil on EVERYTHING…and slathered it all over my skin all day long…..and i took tinctures and elixers… I just used and used and used ..constantly…..until, before long, the “satisfaction” stabilized..that awful “gnawing” feeling disappeared…. and now I sometimes go all day and forget to medicate….truth! I’m quenched, and suspect I’m either at a maintenance level, or have some additional. and possibly HUGE body changes in store. Seriously, I’ve started counting my age BACKWARD!

Call it intuition…or the power of the focused mind….but I’m convinced that
“cannabinoid depletion” is the root of about 90% of all human disease.

…so, no wonder our lovely plant its a “controlled substance” …..we can’t have people living long and productive lives filled with joy and laughter….no telling what we’d get up to!


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