CBD & Epilepsy

“The response was instantaneous,” Dr. Shackelford told the Star by telephone. “After the first dose, the

seizures stopped and she didn’t suffer a seizure for seven days.”

Charlotte now suffers one seizure every other week, Dr. Shackelford says, “a remarkable and heretofore unprecedented change.”

For her, she obtained CBD by moving to Colorado and paying $800 for a small bag of “Charlotte’s Web” (a strain of marijuana that is high in Cannabidiol (CBD) but low in THC, the chemical that gets you high) Apparently she didn’t know she could get CBD legally (without the THC) for about 10% of the price she paid, at: www.hempoilshipping.com

CBD Approved for Childhood Epilepsy Study

Marijuana-Derived Epilepsy Drug in Clinical Trial for Children with Uncontrolled Seizures

Epilepsy Seizures Cured after Ingesting Cannabis Oil With High Counts of CBD

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